The Future of Global CryptoCurrency Transactions

World’s first fully end to end encrypted, centralized mobile trading exchange app and remittances.  Backed by industry leaders in block-chain, cryptography and remittances.


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End to End Encryption

World’s first End to End Encrypted Centralized Exchange Network

Legal Compliance

Legally Compliant in all Operating Jurisdictions and Territories

Cutting Edge Tools

Uniquely Designed Tiered Experience UI/UX Design

Global Remittances

Global Fiat Remittances Network

Our Core

What is the Xpress (XPT) Token

The XPT Token is a tool built on top of the Ethereum blockchain to enable the most secure and seamless global crypto-currency transaction network. The token itself will be the heart of the network, enabling seamless fee payments, fund raising for ICO's within the network, and also powering the CryptoXpress remittances network.

By leveraging the power of block-chain technology, implementing end-to-end encryption protocols, and creating a seamless remittances network, CryptoXpress is set to define the model of the future of the industry.

  • End to End Encryption
  • Global Franchise Model
  • Tiered Experience Level UI
  • Global Remittances
  • Lucrative Target Markets
  • Industry Leading Advisors

End to End Encryption Technology

One of the largest issues the crypto-currency industry faces today is keeping assets secure.  By providing an end to end encrypted platform right on your mobile phone CryptoXpress seeks to end the reliance on hardware wallets, clunky and difficult to use interfaces, and to provide an easy and trustable gateway for mass market investors irrespective of their experience level.

CryptoXpress will be employing leading encryption technologies by one of the eminent cryptography experts.  Announcements on these partnerships will be made soon.

Our Goal

Most Intuitive Interface on the Market

The ultimate goal of CryptoXpress is to be the all-in-one solution that is laymen friendly and yet the securest platform in the industry.

The single largest complaint in the industry from the mass market is that getting into crypto-currency investments is difficult and technical.  CryptoXpress will solve that problem by creating tools which follow cutting edge UI standards.

We are Giving You a Chance to

Run Your Own Exchange Franchise Anywhere

Due to CryptoXpress’ unique franchise model, anyone around the globe can participate and become an exclusive franchisee for their territory and reap the rewards.  This also ensures robust growth for the platform at an accelerated pace as compared to the industry standard.


trillion USD — expected market cap of coins by 2019


million potential clients worldwide


reduction in remittance fees


faster remittance

1 XPT token price

0.001 ETH

ICO Participants



How it all Started

SEED FUNDING ROUND COMMENCEMENT Commencement of the XpressToken (XPT) Seed Funding Round with a target raise of $300K and with a seed fund bonus of 100%.
January 2018
LAUNCH OF INDIA AND AUSTRALIA Launch of the CryptoXpress platform in Australia and India, 2 extremely lucrative exchange markets where competition is in its infancy and are both very profitable territories.
INTIAL COIN OFFERING Xpress (XPT) Token Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a target raise of $13.4M will initiate along with a wide reaching digital marketing campaign.
March 2018
LAUNCH OF INDONESIA EXCHANGE With a large population within Indonesia and a growing crypto-currency investor base who face difficulties trading in a user friendly manner, the market is ripe for penetration while competition is in its infancy.
May 2018
LAUNCH OF PHILIPPINES EXCHANGE Launch of CryptoXpress exchange and remittance platform and services in the Philippines. By entering the largest global remittance market, the platform's remittance network would have a solid foundation for future growth in the sector.
July 2018
MERCHANT ACCOUNTS & FRANCHISING By implementing crypto-currency merchant account solutions and creating a payment network, the platform would complete it's objective of being an all encompassing crypto-currency transaction platform.
October 2018
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Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: January 20, 2018, Saturday, 12:00 PM (GMT)
Hard cap: $300k
Duration: 30 days
Token: XPT
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1000 XPT
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

Investment Information

To invest in the ICO, please click the following to get to the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.  You will be required to provide cursory information to invest in the ICO as per legal guidelines.  Good luck and welcome to the community!

Token Structure

Allotment of Tokens

10M XPT Tokens will be majorly distributed to the community and the project’s advisers in order to ensure that every aspect of the platform is developed using cutting edge technology. There will be no additional tokens minted.

  • 70% to Community
  • 20% Reserved Funding
  • 10% Advisers and Partners