Adarsh SinghFounder & CFO

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areas of expertise
  • BitCoin and ICO Research & Development
  • Digital Community Building
  • The Ethereum Platform
  • Turnaround Consulting
  • Investment Solutions
  • BSE, Mechanical, Rajasthan Technical University (in progress)

Adarsh is the entrepeneur and visionary behind the ADAM Project. As a currently enrolled graduate in mechanical engineering at the Rajasthan Technical University, he is also currently a full time crypto currency trader and began trading in 2014. Thus far his trading results have been phenomenal. He is also the founder of the most successful trading slack on the internet, CryptoSurge,  which currently has close to a thousand members.

Adarsh is an astute community builder and block-chain evangelist.  He’s following has grown at an astonishing rate.


  • With a large population within Indonesia and a growing crypto-currency investor base who face difficulties trading in a user friendly manner, the market is ripe for penetration while competition is in its infancy.

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  • Xpress (XPT) Token Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a target raise of $13.4M will initiate along with a wide reaching digital marketing campaign.

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  • Launch of the CryptoXpress platform in Australia and India, 2 extremely lucrative exchange markets where competition is in its infancy and are both very profitable territories.

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